How To Keep Your Garden Pond Clean And Functional

Have you ever checked the condition of your garden pond? It is full of dirt and leaves from nearby trees are floating on it. These and other factors make your pond dirty and look unpresentable. However, you can easily change the appearance of your pond with the help of a couple of gadgets. We shall describe about them in brief in this article. Your first job is to install a pond pump. It plays an important role by circulating and moving the water in the pond. Apart from introducing additional oxygen in the water, this device prevents the pond from becoming stagnant and settled. It does so by agitating the water. The presence of oxygen is essential to sustain life like fish and plants. If the pond contains wildlife it is important to keep the pumping process going once an oxygen-rich pond has been created. Else, the sudden lack of oxygen can kill the fishes in the pond along with other pond dwelling creatures.

Pond skimmers

The main job of this equipment is to remove floating rubbish off the surface of a pond before it has an opportunity to sink to the bottom of the pond. You can improve the water quality for your fish as well as keep your pond beautiful and healthy by removing the unsightly debris before it can collect on the bottom. You can do without a skimmer if you have a small pond. However, you will have to clean out the accumulated debris that builds up over time physically. The best location for the skimmer is opposite the place where the water enters the pond, as the water will naturally flow in that direction.

Pond filter

A pond filter is essential for your pond. It helps keep the water algae-free, clear, and clean by introducing sufficient oxygen into the water. For your information, the water of the pond will often become dirty and turbid after a period. Thankfully, you can easily solve this problem with the help of a proper pond filter. A filter is not necessary if you do not keep fish, however, installing it hardly takes any time, and it helps keep the pond water clear. For best results, keep a combination of a combination of a biological filter and a preliminary mechanical filter. The mechanical filter removes the floating debris from the water and the biological filter converts harmful ammonia that is bad for a pond ecosystem and is toxic to fish into nitrates.

UV clarifiers

A common way for homeowners to keep the water of their pond clear is by using a UV clarifier. It works by passing the water through a tube located close to a UV bulb. The high intensity light eliminates microscopic algae cells that form green water.

The equipment mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. The other useful pond equipment that keeps the pond water fresh and enhances the looks of your home pond includes:• Aerators• Waterfall spillways• Pond fountains• Pond lights• Pond underlayment• Pond sieves, and• Bottom drains