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Winter Landscaping

Contrary to popular belief, a beautiful garden can be designed and installed during the winter months. Yes, the WINTER!!! You don't have to wait for spring or summer. There are, in fact, advantages to landscaping in the winter; trees, shrubs and groundcover acclimatize sooner, and with the added benefit of natural seasonal rainfall, they develop strong, healthy root systems and are well established for spring and summer growth.

Gardens West also offers additional pricing incentives to encourage winter landscaping and can lock in current materials prices before the annual price increases go into effect.

Gardens West has the vision to design your dream garden and the professional skills to install it. Since 1974 we have created over 1000 garden landscapes throughout the North Bay, and we know how to make your landscape installation an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We take care of all the details from beginning to end and are pledged to working within your budget so there are no surprises. If you do not have a budget in mind, we can help you establish one.

Call us soon at (707) 576-0525 or email us at to take advantage of the benefits of landscaping during the winter...lower prices, more time to spend designing and installing your garden, healthy strong plants- and come spring you will be one giant step ahead of yourself with a garden ready to be enjoyed!

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